Hypoport SE, of which REM CAPITAL AG has been a member since 2019, will move up to the MDAX on September 20.

The promotion to the second-highest index and thus membership of Germany's 90 largest listed companies is the result of many years of consistent work by the entire group of companies in digitizing the credit, housing and insurance industries. 


This growth step underlines the enormous trust that the capital market and partners have in Hypoport SE - and therefore also in REM CAPITAL AG. We see this as a great basis for the further expansion of the business models and for the continued successful growth of the company.


Ronald Slabke, CEO of Hypoport SE: "It is a nice side effect that guarantees us additional attention. And we can all use this to bring even more people closer to our ideas on how the banking industry, the housing industry and insurance development should evolve along consumer needs. So that these three key sectors of our economy do their part for a great future!" 


About Hypoport SE

Hypoport SE, based in Lübeck, Germany, is the parent company of the Hypoport Group. With its approximately 2,200 employees, Hypoport Group is a network of technology companies for the credit & real estate and insurance industries. It is grouped into four mutually beneficial segments: Credit Platform, Private Clients, Real Estate Platform and Insurance Platform.