REM CAPITAL AG Will Become Part of Hypoport SE


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REM CAPITAL AG Will Become Part of Hypoport SE

  • Hypoport sees tremendous potential in the area of corporate finance
  • Synergy effects in both companies’ business models
  • Rounding out the value added chain in the area of industrial and commercial banking
  • Joint platform to handle bank financing for companies planned

Berlin, 2 July 2019: Hypoport AG acquired 100 % of the shares in REM CAPITAL AG from the previous owners on 1 July 2019. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. The Stuttgart-based company with branch offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich is a consulting and implementation company specialised in accessing complex public funding in the area of commercial financing. The company had almost 50 employees and generated sales revenues of more than EUR 7 million in 2018.

REM CAPITAL AG’s interdisciplinary team consists of experts in industrial financing, credit specialists from risk management and technically accomplished engineers. The extensive lending and technical expertise of its employees has let the company, which was founded in 2009, develop into a leading market player in Germany in the area of accessing promotional funding. REM CAPITAL AG has supported and successfully completed over 1,000 projects with well-known companies in partnerships across various industries.

“Especially our 100 % subsidiary DR. KLEIN Firmenkunden AG will create synergies through family growth,” explains Ronald Slabke, CEO of Hypoport AG. Since 1954, DR. KLEIN Firmenkunden AG has been an important service partner for the housing industry, commercial property investors, general developers and project developers.  DR. KLEIN supports institutional clients with customised concepts, especially in financing management and portfolio control. A corporate finance team has been established since the beginning of 2017.

“For two and a half years, we have successfully tested the business model in the Hypoport Group and undertaken projects in Germany and abroad – particularly in the area of renewable energies. Our Corporate Finance team has a contract-based business volume of more than EUR 1 billion at the present time. The acquisition of REM CAPITAL AG is the initial spark for us to further expand our business,” says Slabke. “Thanks to our strength in capital market financing and their prowess in accessing promotional funding, we can position ourselves better to exploit the high growth potential and scale it together. We will quadruple our team strength in one fell swoop and can get off to a flying start. I am pleased that we have convinced the founders and previous owners of the win-win situation with this acquisition and the resulting synergies.

“The sale of our stake will enable us to make much more proactive use of the existing market opportunities and growth potential in the area of large-scale SME financing and also to intelligently bundle the synergies that arise within the Hypoport Group,” says a convinced Karsten Helber, one of the two founders and members of the Management Board of REM CAPITAL AG.

The second founder and member of the Management Board, Dominic D`Andreamatteo, adds: “We want to create a consulting powerhouse. Hypoport AG’s capital strength offers the opportunity to move ahead much more quickly with the development of its successful business model and to scale up even further. And with the merger, our employees will have a larger professional framework for exciting projects for the benefit of all clients and for personal professional development at one of the top employers in Germany.”

Both founding board members will also remain on the Management Board of REM CAPITAL AG after the acquisition. A new addition will be Jan Bewarder, the previous Director of Corporate Finance at DR. KLEIN.

The establishment of a platform for processing bank financing for companies is also being planned jointly. The platform’s partners will be banks and consulting firms, not borrowers directly. The intermediary consulting firms should act as a quality filter for the financing. The Hypoport Group has considerable expertise in the platform business and has already been very successful at establishing platforms in the banking and insurance industry with EUROPACE, GENOPACE, FINMAS and SMART INSUR.

For 2020, REM CAPITAL AG and the Corporate Finance division of DR. KLEIN Firmenkunden AG expect joint sales revenue of more than EUR 10 million.

About Hypoport AG

Hypoport AG is the parent company of the Hypoport Group. With over 1,500 employees, the Hypoport Group is a network of technology companies for the credit, property and insurance industries. It is grouped into four segments that benefit from each other: Credit Platform, Private Clients, Property Platform and Insurance Platform.

The Credit Platform segment runs EUROPACE, Germany’s largest Internet-based B2B credit marketplace for property financing, home loan and savings products and instalment loans. A fully integrated system networks over 600 partners from the areas of banking, insurance and financial services. Several thousand financial advisers process more than 30,000 transactions with a volume of around EUR 5 billion each month via EUROPACE. In addition to EUROPACE, the FINMAS and GENOPACE sub-marketplaces and the B2B distribution companies Qualitypool and Starpool are also promoting the growth of the credit platform.

The Private Clients segment combines all business models that are directly involved with advising consumers on property financing, insurance or pension products with the Internet-based and independent financial sales organisation Dr. Klein Privatkunden AG and the consumer portal

The Property Platform segment (formerly Institutional Clients) bundles all the Hypoport Group’s property-related activities outside the Private Finance sector with the aim of digitising the financing, management, marketing and valuation of property.

The Insurance Platform segment operates SMART INSUR, an Internet-based B2B platform for advising, rate comparison and the administration of insurance policies. The B2B sales companies for insurance, ASC Assekuranz-Service Center GmbH and the insurance division of Qualitypool GmbH are also allocated to the segment.

Hypoport AG’s shares are listed on the Prime Standard of Deutsche Börse and have been included in the SDAX index since 2015.


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