REM CAPITAL AG informs about Corona Aid Programme


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The effects of the coronavirus pose economic challenges to our society that we have never experienced before on this scale.

The consequences for companies, regardless of size and industry, from, for example, declines in sales, production downtime and the resulting liquidity and financing bottlenecks, may be enormous and cannot yet be foreseen in entirety.

Companies have been able to apply for assistance under the Special Programme 2020 of the KfW, the state development bank, since 23 March. The funds applied for from this programme should considerably increase the scope of liquidity and financing for companies and also secure the company’s existence. The principal banks assume part of the risk, between 10 %–20 % of the liability risk.

Even though the first KfW aid loans were already paid out last week, it has become apparent that the flood of applications cannot be processed so quickly – which means that additional risks lurk in the application process due to the “time” factor.

As a consulting and implementation company specialising in the structuring of financing and the accessing of complex funding, REM CAPITAL AG can accelerate and support the process.

Thomas Pohl, Project Manager at REM CAPITAL AG, can share his experience of the current situation:

“We have noticed both enormous demand and an increase in use of our structures and those of the KfW – at the same time we have learned in project cases with clients

that in practice the “neuralgic bottleneck” is transformative, i.e. the involvement of one or more banks to support and partially assume liability for the funding applied for, coupled with the fastest possible implementation of the solution.

This is precisely the interface and the key competence where we, in conjunction with the company, the principal bank and the KfW, play a decisive role in modelling the basic feasibility and getting the application procedure to successfully result in implementation in the shortest possible time!”


In over 10 years and more than 1,400 successfully handled projects, REM CAPITAL AG has been able to build up an accomplished team of experts in industrial financing, credit specialists from risk management and engineers, offering its clients a success-oriented, reliable and extremely resource-saving method of working.

“In the current crisis, we are helping companies to successfully access corona aid via the KfW starting at a volume of EUR 3.0 million,” says Thomas Pohl from RC. “I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about obtaining corona aid through our company in a straightforward manner.”


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